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Thursday 1 April 2010

The Pregnancy Test

This poem was written for this week's writing workshop at Sleep Is For The Weak. I took prompt 5 and have written about how I felt when I first suspected I was pregnant with Lara. It turns out to be quite a common theme!

I feel SICK. My stomach churns,
A cloud of exhaustion has greyed my day.
I can't sleep. My mind whirrs,
What if I'm wrong, what'll he say?

I want this. I KNOW that now,
This all-consuming anxiousness won't lift.
So first thing, I rush out,
For a sheepish purchase – I make it swift.

My pulse quickens. I HAVE to do this,
Locked in the bathroom – I feel so alone.
Logistics established! Pride swallowed!
I pee on a stick, take a breath and calm down.

Six LONG minutes. Time to reflect,
On life with just 'us' as I study that clock.
I feel light headed. A smile breaks out,
Uncontrollable giggles and a smile I can't block.

Well that's that. We did it!
Hurry home Mr. B. - I NEED to share.
What now? Where to start?
The wanting is over, now I've 9 months to prepare!
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