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Monday 12 April 2010

The Plastic Joy Award!

I have been tagged by babyrambles and the 20-Something Mum in the Plastic Joy Award. To accept the award I must identify the 5 fictional characters I would choose to, you know, 'get to know better'!

So here are my 5 gentlemen of choice!

  1. Bob the Builder
  2. James Bond (I'm not fussy which incarnation)
  3. Officer Jack Traven (The Police Officer in the movie 'Speed', played by Keanu Reeves)
  4. Detective Philip Marlowe in the 1946 movie 'The Big Sleep' (played by Mr. Humphrey Bogart!)
  5. Rincewind the wizard from the Terry Pratchet Discworld novels... he seems like the cuddly, sensitive sort!

I would like to pass this award on to Baby Genie because, as my bloggy twin, I'm fascinated to know who she comes up with!
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