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Sunday 4 April 2010

The Sunday Review - Goodies Organic Squeezies

You'll know, if you've read any of my other posts on weaning, that I'm a mummy who really wants to offer Lara great home-cooked food whenever I can. As well as mummy-ing and blogging, I also work 9-5.30 during the week and I have found it hard to provide both of my childminders with a home-cooked main meal for my weaning daughter, as well as healthy snacks throughout the day. These days I am always on the lookout for convenient, healthy snacks to put in Lara's lunchbox.

Image courtesy of Organix

I have recently tried the Goodies Organic Squeezies fruit purées by Organix. In line with the Organix 'No Junk Promise', they are made from organic fruit and nothing else! No added anything. You might wonder why I would buy a pouch of puréed fruit when a piece of real fruit would be just as healthy, just as convenient and also made from 100% fruit? Well (and I do feel I have to make excuses for myself here!) there are a number of reasons:-

Firstly, I get all of my fruit & veg delivered on a Monday in an organic box by Abel & Cole. Sometimes the box doesn't contain anything suitable to give to Lara, on other occasions the box will contain fruit that isn't really ripe until later in the week. I always like to have a few sachets or pots of fruit on hand for these situations.

On weeks such as this one, when Lara is teething, she really doesn't fancy gnawing on a slice of pear or chomping on a piece of mango. All she wants is something easy and sloppy that won't tax her gums too much. This week, the Goodies Squeezies have been a lifesaver – when she has refused all the other things I have put in front of her, she has gulped down her Squeezies. Phew.

And finally, the Goodies Squeezies pouches offer a wide range of different flavours compared to the range of fresh fruit I am likely to have around the house at any one time. Designed for toddlers from 12 months upwards, they have adventurous flavour combinations such as Mango, Pear & Orange or Banana, Pear and Kiwi. The purées are a lot thinner in consistency than other fruit purées I have tried but that's a good sign – it means that there are no thickening agents in there. It also means that they are suitable for babies from as young as 4 months (or whenever you choose to start weaning).

The pouches make a fun snack - they are squeezable so that older children can grab them and feed themselves. They are also resealable (you can finish them up within 24 hours). The pouches are made from a sturdy material that means I can shove them in Lara's lunchbox and not worry about them bursting or coming unstuck (which has happened with some fruit pots and yoghurts – ick); unfortuately that means that the packaging is non-recycleable... something I personally feel that an organic food company should be looking to address.

The Goodies Organic Squeezies by Organix (100g) are available from around 89p. You can find out more about Organix on their website .

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