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Friday 9 April 2010

10 Things That Make Me Feel Happy – A Meme

The inspirational Hayley at Single Motherhood Challenges tagged me a while ago in the 'ten things that make you happy' meme.

Here goes (in no particular order):-

  1. Lara. When she isn't ill (in which case she makes me sad on her behalf, see here) Lara makes me beam from ear to ear. She rocks.

  2. Mr. B. Because he takes me to spas, cooks me great food and is incredibly scrumptious.

  3. Chocolate. Preferably dark chocolate, the more expensive the better but in general, I'm not fussy!

  4. Wine. Oooh, makes me mellow just thinking about a nice glass of South American or New Zealand fruity goodness.

  5. Food in General. Thinking about, preparing, cooking and eating food is the way I de-stress.

  6. Getting STUFF done. I find it very rewarding to achieve stuff (even if that stuff is mundane stuff like housework). Getting stuff done makes me feel good about myself.

  7. The Sunshine. This time of year is my absolute favourite. It is why I chose to get married in the spring. Yellow flowers feel so... alive and the fresh vibrant greens of spring are made all that more special when the sun shines. Yes, it feels cosy and traditional when the autumn chill arrives here in the UK but I'm definitely a 'sun' person. I was born in the summer and am always happiest in the sun!

  8. Smellies. You'll know from my health & beauty reviews that I'm a sucker for cosmetics and smellies. You can't beat a long hot bath full of bubbles accompanied by a row of selected goodies such as body scrubs, shower gels, body lotions and moisturisers. Bliss.

  9. Comedy. Laughing makes me happy. The opportunities for live comedy gigs are few and far between now that Lara is here (although it doesn't stop some, see here!) but this year I'm hoping to see one or two. We are already booked in to see Rhod Gilbert later in the year.

  10. Cats. Clinically proven to make you happy. My old man Wallace is too lovely for words and even when he comes to wake me up in the morning with a loud brreeeeeeeooooooowwww, he makes me happy!

For this meme, I tag Cheeky Mummy whose new blog is up and running and Red Ted Art who I'm sure will have lots of creative happy things up her sleeve!
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