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Friday 4 June 2010

Bruised Knuckles - An Explanation

Argh, now I'm angry. The house move can't come soon enough. I've blogged about my neighbours before but this time they've really really pushed me over the edge.

I have bruised knuckles. They hurt. Don't worry, I didn't punch anyone but I did bang EXTREMELY hard on someone's front door. Probably too hard.

Yesterday morning I was putting out the picnic rug so that Lara and I could do some drawing in the garden. As I stood up a full-sized leather football flew straight past my nose, knocked over one of my prized Bay trees and broke a flower pot. I was seething.

Within seconds, the little tike/brat/oik came and asked for the ball back and, having put up with this for several years and remained calm, understanding and tolerant.... I totally unleashed my wrath on him. I threw the bl**dy ball back and told him that if it ever happened again the ball was not going back.

His solution (as recommended by his dad)??? To go and get another ball that they didn't mind losing.

So, half an hour later Lara and I are minding our own business in the sunshine.

I can hear the boys playing outside on the (public) footpath but I'm determined not to let their games prevent us from using our own back garden. Then, predicatably, the ball comes whizzing over the fence and hits Lara plum on the noggin. She seemed a little fazed but not upset; obviously I was now livid. I grabbed Lara and stormed round to their house with steam coming out of my ears.

I knocked with as an aggressive a knock as I could muster (now I'm regretting it as the bruises are coming up a lovely blue colour). The miserable man made the usual apologies and swore at his kids a bit and then they went in, leaving me in peace. Unfortunately, the peace never lasts and today they will be out there again, making the same racket and playing with the same balls. Quite why they can't play in their own garden, or at a public park, I don't know.

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