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Thursday 3 June 2010

Keeping It Clean

Whose idea was it to sell the house once we had a baby in tow? Bah.

The house has been on the market for three weeks and I'm exhausted by the daily struggle to keep the place clean. Every evening we have to pack all of Lara's toys away and every morning after breakfast we have to eliminate all signs of the pile of food that Lara has thrown from her high-chair and make sure that the house is spotless.

We have strategically placed rugs over the grubbiest parts of the carpet; it shouldn't be too much of struggle to keep the rest of the place clean, should it? Well, Lara has other ideas. There are biscuit crumbs secreted in places where biscuit crumbs don't belong, and small, sticky bits of fruit-chew encrusted into the carpet (in places where the strategic rugs can't reach!).

One morning we removed the fire-guard to impress a potential buyer who would be visiting later on... in the few brief seconds when I was putting on my shoes, little Miss Lara had started re-arranging the pieces of coal in our fireplace. Arrgh.
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