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Sunday 20 June 2010

The Sunday Review – Brother Max Home & Travel Weaning Bowl

I'm a great fan of Brother Max products. We have been using the Combi-Bib since Lara first started weaning and their set of Bath Toys is one of the best baby products we own (I'd recommend them to any parent of a baby or toddler – they're fab).

I recently tried their feeding / weaning bowls and have not been disappointed. Brother Max products always represent great quality; their feeding bowls are made from shiny, sturdy red plastic – it is BPA-free and so it is a safe for your baby; it is easy to clean and it looks great.

Image courtesy of Brother Max

The travel weaning bowl is a bright red bowl with an in-built portioner that allows you to separate out two different foods in the same bowl. The bowl is a good size – when I first started weaning Lara, I found that many of the bowls and portioners I tried were simply too small to cope with her enormous appetite!

Brother Max products are designed by parents for parents. The bowl is shaped so that it fits comfortably in one hand – it has a thumb hole for you to grasp it with, and a gentle bump in its shape to rest in your palm. The bowl comes with a suction pad so that you can stick it to a high-chair or table when your child is ready to take over and start feeding themselves.

The Brother Max travel weaning bowl comes with an extremely secure lid that fits over the portioner and ensures that the food in each side does not mix. The lid fits so firmly that I have no concerns about just plonking the bowl into Lara's bag when I take her out to the childminder in the morning. The lid has a lift-up flap where you can store the two weaning spoons that come with it.
The weaning spoons are heat-sensitive and change colour when the food inside is too hot. I find the spoons a little too heat sensitive for Lara these days, and certainly too small for her – they have always felt a little too small for my long, gangly fingers to control properly but they are compact, and great for taking out and about.

I have found the Brother Max travel weaning bowl to be compact, useful and incredibly easy to clean by hand, and in the dishwasher. The bowl is microwave-safe which is great for when I send Lara to the childminder with a hot meal for her lunch.

Brother Max also sell a set of 3 bowls designed to cater for your baby's three meals a day. The bowls are the same as the one that is used in the travel weaning set but without the in-built food portioner (which you can use in these bowls if you wish). You can also buy the heat-sensitive spoons separately.

The Brother Max travel weaning bowl and spoons are definitely coming with us on holiday.

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