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Monday 14 June 2010

This Time Last Year...

...I was known as Emma, not as Mummy.

… I was overdue. I had a belly like a space-hopper and I felt too huge to move.

… I had been on maternity leave for a fortnight. The novelty had already worn off. I was bored of 'Bargain Hunt'.

… I had entered almost every single competition on the entire internet! I had been through all of the competitions on Loquax for Health & beauty products, Parenting products and Kids prizes and had started entering for CDs, DVDs and gadgets. (I would reap the rewards a couple of months down the line when the prizes started coming in!)

… I was baking hot and struggling to keep cool. The heatwave was at its peak and I had no skirts or dresses I could fit over the bump. In the end I had to go and buy a couple of skirts with elasticated waists which seemed such a shame when I knew I just had a few days left before the baby would arrive.

… I had never read a blog post, let alone written one myself!

… I had feet like a clown. The only relief I got was when I had a pedicure. My salon uses a lovely mint foot scrub by Bio Sculpture so I sent Mr B on a search around the whole of the south of England to see if he could find me some. We now have a cupboard full of imitations which never quite lived up to the real thing.

… I didn't quite know what I had let myself in for!
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