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Sunday 13 June 2010

Fathers Day Number Two - Reflections and XBox Games

Next weekend will be fathers day. It will be Mr B.'s second father's day as a daddy. Last year father's day came and went and he barely noticed it happen. This year I'd love to help him make more of it but sadly we are going to be in the USA, probably recovering from an enormous post-wedding hangover.

Last father's day, Lara was just a few days old. Surprisingly, she did manage to nip out and buy him a card. Funnily enough, I think at that point, Lara's Dad was most able to appreciate the magic of fatherhood. After the first couple of days, the enormity of parenthood had sunk in. There was a schedule of sorts (we knew to sleep whenever we could) and lots of the firsts had been done – first feed, first bath, first XBox game. Now, it was time to get down to the business of parenthood.

For my husband, looking at that photo makes him go all wibbly. It is only when you look back on the photos that you realise quite how small and delicate your child was. I'm sure that it helps you to appreciate how vulnerable they were when they were tiny, and how much of an achievement it is to have brought them this far, however many years you have been celebrating father's day.

I'm glad he goes wibbly. I'm glad he reflects on the last year with as much fondness as me. I hope that as Lara grows older, she'll have more special daddy moments such as the one above and that she'll appreciate the things he shares with her in the same way that I do my own father (see potatoes and gratitude !).
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