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Tuesday 29 June 2010

The Gallery - Serenity

A Mellow Puma (not my Puma, I might add)

I am in a happy place.

Satiated. Stretched out in the comforting warmth of an English summer. The sun gently caresses my face and soothes my satisfied belly.

This bed of cool, bouncy grass creeps up around me as if I had been lying here peacefully since Spring. Alone with my thoughts, I drift aimlessly through a field of wonderful daydreams. A giggling child, a gently rocking swing, the murmur of a passing bumble bee. Where am I?

Oh yes, I'm here, relaxed and mellow. Listening to the distant rumble of traffic and watching the slow progression of a plane at 34,000 feet sharing my vast blue sky.

This is serenity.

Now, I wonder whether it's dinner time yet?

This post was written for this week's writing workshop and photo gallery with the theme 'Emotions' - Serenity is a state of being devoid of stress and emotion.

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