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Wednesday 16 June 2010

Gifts For A Newborn

I told you that Lara is no longer the baby of the family. A new baby in the clan means that I need to come up with a present idea for a newborn. Having become a mum myself, I realise now how little thought I put in to these things before and this being a second child for the Auntie and Uncle involved, I want to buy them something really useful or totally and utterly fabulous.

Some of the gifts Lara received from her Aunts and Uncles were clothes we grew to love, others were things we could never have lived without – take for example the loopy links... they gave us six months of peace and quiet. I need your help with this one – below are my ideas so far, do you have anything else you'd like to add?

A Groovy Baby-Gro or Romper
I've had my eye on these ones from Oh Baby London for a while.

Image courtesy of Oh Baby London

And I recently saw this fab Dr. Suess one from Fabric Flavours - they both make me wish Lara was still in rompers. I've kept lots of Lara's gender-neutral basics so I know that if I had another baby I'd just want a few special pieces of slightly-out-of-the-ordinary newborn baby gear.

Image courtesy of Need to Know PR

Taggy Blanket
We received one of these a little late. Lara loved it for a while but she quickly developed an interest in toys that require a little more involvement – noisy toys, toys that open and close etc. I wish Lara had a taggy blanket at birth. Ours is a Raggy Tag that came from Little Stuff. It's pricey, but makes a lovely gift.

Amber Necklace
After my teething trials, I now swear by Lara's amber necklace. I wish I had known about it when the first few teeth arrived. In a little presentation box, I think an amber necklace would make a lovely gift.

Baby CD
Lara was given a copy of Baby Mozart by her favourite Auntie and Uncle. I can clearly remember a night, not long after she was born, when Lara simply wouldn't go back to sleep after her 3am feed. She was screaming and fidgety. I remember we introduced a dummy that night (hmmm) and I can see a vision of her now, lying in her vibrating seat, dummy-in-mouth, listening to Mozart. Finally, the combination sent her off to sleep. Baby Mozart is still a way that we soothe Lara. Our new lullaby CD is also a winner. I'd recommend them for any new Mum. If you're on the lookout for something a little out of the ordinary then I'd wholly recommend the Rockabye baby CD's – lullaby renditions of Queen, Nirvana, U2, Bob Marley, Metallica, Radiohead, The Beatles and lots more – very entertaining!

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