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Tuesday 1 June 2010

Still Life - A Gallery Of Stuff Wot I Like

This week's gallery theme is Still Life. This presents me with some difficulties - I'm not enormously good at taking pictures of things... more places. When I do take pictures of 'stuff' they are usually random things, or pictures from a slightly different point of view.

My first picture is a collection of shells. It is such an unusual picture for me to take. It so isn't me. But it brings me back great memories of collecting them on honeymoon in Mozambique while my husband slept peacefully in his hammock.

My second picture is a plant - this picture is much more me! I love the nobblyness of this plant which is found growing on the cliff-faces around the southern coast of cornwall. This picture was taken at Lizard point. The picture makes me think of fingers and makes me want to squish them.

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