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Friday 23 July 2010

Lara DOES Christmas in July

Yesterday, myself, Lara and the 20 Something Mum spent an enjoyable afternoon in the City discovering lots of new goodies that will be on sale from the Autumn as part of the countdown to Christmas. We visited the Disney Christmas preview and the Wilkinsons Christmas preview - Lara loved it.

At the Disney preview, Lara was the star of the show - one journalist even thought that she WAS part of the show! She trotted around (sometimes without holding on to me!) and explored all of the exciting displays.

Her eyes lit up with glee at the Christmas tree made from cuddly Disney characters and she seemed totally transfixed by the Disney Princess merchandise.

Winne the Pooh was definitely the biggest hit though.

Later on, at the Wilkinsons preview, we were some of the first people to see their new range of baby and childrens toys. Lara gave the baby toys a really good test! We were all totally astonished at the prices of the toys which were all considerably more than reasonable.

Lara got in a bit of trouble for ruining the display of toy cars - that's my girl!

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