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Wednesday 28 July 2010

My Working Mum Resolutions - 6 Months On

Wow! I can't believe that six months have passed already since I returned to work after maternity leave. It seems like an appropriate time to once again re-evaluate my Working Mum Resolutions.

  1. Don't Offer My Time For Free
    I have found it incredibly easy to switch off at exactly 5.30pm. I have rarely, perhaps only once, switched on my laptop out of working hours. I don't feel any less productive than I was pre-Lara and and I don't feel any guilt. Things feel RIGHT.

  2. Don't Take Work Home
    Well, I have a laptop now (through no choice of my own). But, surprisingly, it hasn't made me any more likely to work from home. I'm doing well at this one!

  3. Make Thursdays Fundays!
    Oh Lara and I get up to all sorts of fun on Thursdays now. Lara gets to go to parks and playgrounds and playgroups on her days with the childminders so I like to do something a little more adventurous on a Thursday. Recently, as well as swimming, we have been into London for the Christmas press previews, and we have visited Legoland and Marwell Zoo.

  4. Make the Most of Weekends
    Weekends are busy. Sometimes I long for a weekend which isn't packed full of fun stuff. Of visits to grandparents. Of day trips. OK, maybe I don't! It means that my weekday evenings involve a little more cleaning and admin than I'd wish, but at least we have time to be a family together at the weekend.

  5. Keep On Blogging
    I'm doing a good job, right?

  6. Feed The Family Well
    We've had a few too many takeaways recently (Lara doesn't get takeaway – she gets ready-made food). But, in general, I feel that we're managing well to provide Lara with great home-cooked food for lunch and dinner. Sometimes I get back from work and feel too tired to start cooking and on those days I am thankful for freezers and takeaways.

  7. Make Time For 'Us'
    Mr B. and I spend quite a lot of time together as a couple. We are very lucky to have lots of family living within a sensible drive from us so Lara can spend nights and days with her aunties and grandparents if we need a bit of time to ourselves (or if we want to go out for a posh meal in London). I sometimes feel a little cheated in the evenings if Lara has had a late night – I feel like I can't be a grown up until Lara has gone to bed. Now that we have introduced a formal bedtime (8.30), this feeling may fade.

  8. Stay in Touch With Mummies
    I recently blogged about how hard I am finding it to stay in touch with my real-life mummy friends. I'm trying not to crawl back into my all-male world!

  9. Keep Healthy
    Hmmm. The aforementioned takeaways aren't contributing much to the healthiness, are they? I did manage to shift that baby weight but nothing much more. Ah well – Must Try Harder.
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