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Sunday 18 July 2010

The Sunday Review - Canvas Dezign : Canvas Photo Prints

I recently told you that my holiday photos ARE my holiday souvenirs and there is nothing that I like more than choosing a few special images and getting them enlarged to display on my walls as little works of home-grown art. With an imminent house move ahead of me, I'm on the lookout for new wall coverings.

Canvas Dezign approached me to try out their printing service. I was a little dubious, not only because they approached me completely out of the blue, but because I've always thought that a canvas print might highlight the flaws in my photos, rather than enhance them.

Anyway, it turns out that Canvas Dezigns just wanted a chance to show off to the world what they can do! The print I ordered is their most popular size – a 12 inch square stretch canvas print made to order from your own photo. They produce prints of sizes – their standard prints range from 6x6 inches (just £8.99) to a MASSIVE 40x40 inches (at £119.99). They have a flat rate of postage of £9 so the bigger your print, the better value the postage.

My print was delivered by courier within 48 hours of sending them my digital image (they have a virtual ordering system on their website where you can prepare your image before ordering your print and even see what it will look like on the wall!). when the print was delivered, it was incredibly well packed to avoid any damage to the finished product. It arrived while I was at work and it took all of my willpower to stop myself from tearing it open there at my desk! As soon as I got home I tore it out of its packaging like an excited child. And here it is...

The image pleasantly surprised me. The colours are bright and vivid and there is no loss of detail at all, in fact when I look closely I can see all of the stones on the ground and each of the individual leaves on the trees. The wrinkly, dusty skin of the elephants looks amazing.

I particularly liked the fact that my canvas came with a set of wall fixings (and a spirit level to help me hang it straight!). It also came with a leaflet with some handy tips on how to keep my print looking as good as new.

So now I am won over and will be decorating my new home with all of my favourite photos! A canvas print makes a great souvenir, an ornament or a stunning gift so why not take a look at Canvas Dezign's website and see if it inspires you too.

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