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Sunday 25 July 2010

The Sunday Review -Lovea Tahitian Monoi Body Lotion

I recently read a review of the Lovea Tahitian Monoi Moisturising Body Lotion that said the product worked really well, but that the smell was unpleasant. Well, I think I shall turn that on its head with this review. I guess that a body lotion is a very personal preference and what works well for one person, might not work well for someone else's skin type – we're all different.

I have totally fallen in love (ha, ha) with my Lovea shampoo so I had high hopes of their body lotion. The moisturising lotion, like all of Lovea's products, is made from organic plant-based products and is free from sulfates, parabens and pthalates so I was hoping that it would be kind to the stressed and bonkers skin on my arms and legs.

I found the body lotion to be quite thin, but this means it is very refreshing and almost instantly absorbed (or is that just my dehydrated and unloved skin?). I have been using it for three weeks now on my arms and legs and have noticed no lasting difference so I'm not wowed.

I do however find the smell totally and utterly scrumptious. The smell of the Tahitian flowers is tropical, summery and light. It reminds me of my childhood in Hong Kong and is a relaxing smell to help me relax in the evening before I go to bed.

Lovea Tahitian Monoi Body Lotion is available from and is suitable for normal skin types.
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