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Sunday 4 July 2010

The Sunday Review – A'Kin Conditioner

I've been experimenting with shampoos and conditioners again. My hair needs a lot of conditioning – it is coloured and it is just at that length where it knots and tangles incredibly easily despite being generally greasy. Many are the days when I feel like I should resort to a pair of scissors rather than trying to detangle my tresses.

Having enjoyed my A'Kin facial mist last month, I was more than happy to try out one of their range of conditioners. I have been using their Jojoba and Lavender Conditioner which smells totally and utterly fabulous. Using it is like having a full-on aromatherapy head massage!

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A'Kin products are all made from Australian organic, plant-based products so they are free from sulphates, parabens and pthalates – one of the other advantages to A'Kin products is that they never use mineral oils in their hair care products which is fab, given that I am allergic to them (this can often limit my choice of cosmetics).

The conditioner is described as 'light'. It is a very thin consistency and you really only need an extremely tiny amount to do the job. I found it hard to get used to how little I needed and so the first few times I used it, I overdid it a little and found my hair to be sticky and heavy. My hairdresser is always telling me how little conditioner I need so I reduced the quantities and very soon found that my hair improved in texture. Now, after I have used it, my hair feels clean and manageable.

I haven't noticed any considerable improvement in the knotted-ness and tangly-ness of my hair, but it does feel and look healthier than before. Unfortunately, that amazing smell of A'Kin Jojoba and Lavender Conditioner doesn't linger (Boo).
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