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Sunday 11 July 2010

Mellow Mummy's Baby Wipe Index

So how is this for a baby wipe review? A full index of british baby wipes as ranked by Mellow Mummy.

As much as I tell myself that baby wipes are an environmentally unsound solution to the mucky baby problem, I do use a lot of them. One day, I will try a re-usable wipe but for the time being, I'm on the lookout for the perfect baby wipe.

Since Lara was born I have tried a large number of different brands (and I'm still trying them, I have a few to add to the list over the coming weeks). I have decided to document them all (not just the ones for which I have written blog reviews) so that the world can share my thoughts on how they all rate compared to one another.

I have ranked each wipe based upon the criteria that are important to me as an environmentally conscious mum to a daughter with sensitive skin:-
  1. Effective cleaning
  2. Natural skin friendliness
  3. Environmental Impact
  4. Fragrance
Please excuse the enormous gap here - blogger insists on putting it there!

1Jackson ReeceTicks all of the boxesHard to find on the high street
2WaitroseBest supermarket biodegradableHard to get out of packet
3Clearly Herbal (standard)Smells fabExpensive and not biodegradable
4Vital BabyParaben free, great scent (& unscented ones too)Only suitable for face & hands
5Pampers SensitiveLarge surface areaStill packed full of chemicals
6Nature BabycareLarge surface area, kind to skinPricey, Lacking fragrance
7Earth Friendly Baby100% biodegradable and natural ingredientsUnattractive scent
8Huggies Natural CareLarge packs, fresh scentDisintegrate as you pull them out
9Aldi MamiaUnfragranced. Great price.Dry out quickly.
10Boots (sensitive)Often available at a GREAT priceToo wet and still harsh on skin
11Huggies Everyday WipesFresh scent, good valueFunny texture and break easily
12Tesco Baby (sensitive)Average in all ways!Packaging is not user friendly
13Mio Wipes (Bambino Mio)Biodegradable and kind to skinAwful scent and VERY expensive per wipe
14NatracareFree from harmful chemicalsSmells like public loos
15Johnsons (sensitive)Gorgeous smellFar too wet and foamy
16Wilkinsons (standard)Soft & good scentSmall and not absorbent
17Huggies Pureum...They smell chemically and disintegrate
18Pampers (standard)Often on special offerVery harsh on the skin

If you sell/make/represent a baby wipe that is not featured on this list and would like me to review it, you can contact me at jumblyMummy[@]gmail[.]com .
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