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Wednesday 16 March 2011

Don't Drink the Bath Water

Lara is trouble. A real little minx. She has developed a naughty streak. The kinds of naughty streak that involves running around the house stark naked after a bath, throwing things, hiding behind the television, tearing stuff up into tiny eenie weenie little pieces... and drinking the bath water.

I feel like I'm playing on repeat. “Don't drink the bath water”. “Lara, no, DON'T drink the bath water”. “No, really Lara”. “Lara”. “Stop drinking the frigging bath water”.

Bathtimes have become really good fun in the mellow household. It is the time of day when I let Lara wear herself out ready for bed but sometimes I find it hard work. We've had to confiscate the Bob-the-Builder car wash bath toy because she kept yanking it off the wall. We've had to replace the normal sponge which was torn into a million different pieces with one of the Boots Ramer sponges (much less destructible!) and we've turned bathtime into a two-person job!

I know that at 21 months this is just the start of things to come. I've got to psyche myself up for this and prepare myself to take on the terrible twos the mellow mummy way.
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