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Thursday 24 March 2011

Mothers Day is All About the Chocolates, Right?

I was sent a box of chocolates in return for this chocolate-fuelled review.
When I was asked to review a box of Mother's Day Chocolates from Hotel Chocolat, I ummmed and aaahed for at least 1 minute! Who was I kidding? No-one else is going to buy me a box of chocolates for Mother's Day, are they? Last year Mother's day was all about the amazing feeling of experiencing my first ever Mother's day as a mum myself. This year, it's all about the chocolates and flowers! Unfortunately, until Lara is old enough to buy me presents herself I have to rely on Mr B to supply the goodies, and, given that I can count the number of times he has bought me chocolates on the fingers of one hand, and the number of times he has bought me flowers on the fingers of one... finger... I could be sorely disappointed.

I tried the Sleekster All About Mum selection box of white, dark and milk chocolates. The chocolates arrived really promptly and were well packed. The selection box looked really smart and I couldn't wait to get into it.

The chocolates were a really grown up mix of fruit centres, caramels, nutty fillings and boozy bits! They are mostly shaped as hearts with a few traditional truffles, a shell and a sexy pair of lips! I found the All About Mum selection to be a really feminine selection without being delicate and flouncy. The chocolate from Hotel Chocolat is to die for. I love their bitter dark chocolate and filled with an Armagnac ganache I think the Love-Me-Do heart was my absolute favourite with the fascinatingly fruity Blueberry Truffle in white chocolate coming a close second.

I love the fact that their fruit fillings don't taste as artificial and boring as those you would get in a standard high-street box of chocolates and I think it is great that Hotel Chocolat believe in the quality of their chocolate and the ethics of their cocoa supply.

I would love it if Lara (via Mr. B. ) were to buy me a box of these chocolates.

While I'm here, and moaning about never receiving chocolates or flowers, I'd just like to give a shout out to Interflora who heard my illness woes on twitter and magicked up a bunch or gorgeous spring flowers within an hour and a half to cheer me up and make me feel better. Now I had better head off and drop some more hints to Mr. B.

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