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Wednesday 30 March 2011

Lara's First Trike

This weekend marked a momentous occasion. We removed the waist support from Lara's Smart Trike and released the pedals so that she can pedal the trike herself. She's still a little bit all over the place and could fall off at any minute, and her feet can't quite keep up with the pedals but she'll get there soon enough and before long she'll be racing away. Every time we take Lara out on her Smart Trike around the local roads, we get lots of lovely comments from passers by who seem amazed that such a thing exists - I think the long extending handle that allows me to control where Lara goes really impresses some of the older neighbours who wish they had owned something similar when their children were toddlers. One of our favourite places to take Lara on her Smart Trike is Virginia Water in Sunningdale, Berkshire. There are lots of wide, well-paved paths that we can push the trike down and Lara can either pedal, or just enjoy the ride. This is Lara last summer on the very first day that we tried out the Smart Trike at Virginia Water (she hasn't quite grasped the concept at this point!). It was a gorgeous sunny day and we really needed the sun shade. At Christmas time we removed the main strap as Lara had outgrown it. This weekend, we removed the waist support as Lara's belly had got too big for it AND because these days she is just so eager to gain her own independence that she hates being cooped up inside the trike. I won Lara our Smart Trike from Mummys Shoes last summer and it is one of the best prizes I've ever won her. It is going to last us another year or so and will grow with her. I love the fact that the parental handle bar extends high enough for me (I'm tall) and can go shorter when Mr. B. is using it. I love the fact that I can put my camera in the little container at the back of the trike so that I can take pictures of Lara when we're on the move (Lara likes to store tennis balls there)! And I love the fact that the trike can be tailored to your own child's size and ability by letting them take control of the pedals when they are ready, and to remove all of the supports, and the parental control when the time is right. This video is of Lara shortly after we first got the Smart Trike last summer; I call the video "Doggie or Duckie?" as I'm sure you'll see why. I think it really demonstrates the genius of the Smart Trike for smaller children. This, incidentally, was also the day Lara took her first steps.

I am thinking of buying Lara her first cycle helmet but so far I've been unable to find a helmet designed for children under 3 years. I can't wait until Lara is able to pedal about on her own and go exploring on her Smart Trike. Note: This isn't a sponsored post. We love our Smart Trike and just wanted to spread the love!
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