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Tuesday 8 March 2011

Lara Bakes Carrot Cake

Inspired by my interview last week with Mum et Moi founder, Emilie Mauran, this weekend Lara and Daddy did some baking together. Mr. B. had seen a recipe for a carrot cake that he fancied in this month's Waitrose Kitchen magazine and who was I to stop him from rolling up his sleeves and experiencing the joys of cooking with children?

For Christmas, Lara'a Grandma bought her a really cute set of cookery utensils from Miniamo. A bowl, spatulas, spoon, cupcake cases and rolling pin. Interestingly, Lara refused to get involved in the cooking until Daddy offered her the chance to use the grown-up bowl and spoon! Typical.

Lara joined in with the measuring and the mixing. Especially the mixing!

She watched as Daddy put the cake into the oven and then later when he checked to make sure it was cooked through. She waited patiently while Daddy made the cream-cheese and orange icing.

But, quite disappointingly, she refused point-blank to eat it. Ever since Lara was about 8 or 9 months old, she has refused any food that is made from cheese-related or milk-related products. Cheese she is fine with. Milk, she adores. But yoghurt, custard, ice-cream and in this instance, cream cheese, make her very upset and she can sometimes start crying when you bring these foods into the room! The problem has become so bad that the nursery have asked us whether they can put her on a dairy-free diet because of the upset it causes when a pudding is offered which contains dairy products. I'm keen to keep on offering her these foods because one day, just as suddenly as the dislike appeared, she'll change her mind and start eating them again.
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