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Sunday 27 March 2011

The Sunday Review – Acorelle Fragrance

All of my favourite fragrances are floral. Summery, light and refreshing. I recently got the chance to try out one of the new range of Acorelle fragrances from . I chose one of the Eau Fraiche body mists – White Orchid.

The fragrance is 100% natural and comes from essential oils and plant extracts. The Light Orchid fragrance features both orange and sandalwood oils which are known for their calming influence. I find it really zingy and a lot more fruity than I had expected... the smell reminds me of Refreshers sweets that tingle on your tongue! It has some very light citrusy notes and for me, when I close my eyes, I think of plums and summer pudding!

The Eau Fraiche fragrance is a lighter than a full Eau de Parfum and is great for me because the bottle is thin and compact so I can pop it in my bag on the way to work and then re-apply it throughout the day rather than being hounded by the overwhelming fragrance of an Eau de Parfum for the whole day in an attempt to apply enough to last the whole day. The bottle is a gorgeous, tall, sleek glass token which is a work of art in itself.

Acorelle fragrances are some of the world's first organic fragrances. You can choose from 9 Eau de Parfum or 4 Eau Fraiche fragrances and mypure do a great thing by offering a 'discovery' set so that you can try out a number of the different scents.

I am really enjoying using my White Orchid spray on my clothes and body but I noticed on the mypure website that they also recommend using it on linen and around the home. I think this summery, fruity smell could work really well as a fragrance in my guest room to make it welcoming and relaxing.

The Acorelle Eau Fraiche 30ml bottle costs £22 from
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