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Sunday 27 March 2011

The Sunday Review – Hands First Power Scrub+

As a busy mum, I wash my hands a lot. I like gardening and I like cooking, both of which lead to grubby hands so it is important for me to clean thoroughly when I'm around a little monster like Lara. We've had a bottle of Hands First Power Scrub + by the sink for the past month or so, sitting right there next to my normal anti-bacterial soap dispenser and each and every time I've chosen the Hands First over the traditional gel soap.

I like the scrub because it does just that – scrubs. Tiny little pieces of pumice and walnut shell act as an effective exfoliator. After using it, my hands feel really clean (as long as I rinse them well, because otherwise they feel all bitty!). The Power Scrub also acts as a moisturiser with active skin conditioning from blue cypress oil and panthenol. It's antibacterial properties come from grapefruit seed extract which I am convinced accounts for the slightly zingy, refreshing scent.

At £7.99 for a 225ml bottle of hand scrub, I found Hands First to be a bit pricey for an every day hand-wash for mums but as a hard-working, specialist hand scrub for me to use after I've been out in the garden (or after a particularly unpleasant nappy) then I think it's perfect and is well up to the task. If I had my way, it'd be in a slightly easier to use bottle – the little pieces of exfoliating goodness cause the gel to come out of the bottle very slowly (which is stressful if your hands are covered in earth.... or worse).

Hands First Power Scrub + is available online at and Pharmacy2U .
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