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Wednesday 9 March 2011

Bedtime Tips For Babies and Children - A Blogging Carnival

Welcome to the Mellow Mummy carnival of blog posts all about bedtime - an idea inspired by my cybermummy sponsor, Boots Parenting Club who currently have offers instore for Bathtime and Bedtime products (which is what inspired me to hold this carnival). We've had some great submissions about getting babies to settle, the transition from cot to bed, how to calm your little one down in time for bedtime and the tricks you use to get babies, toddlers and children to have a sound night's sleep.

When Lara was only 10 months old, I blogged about What time is bedtime? and had some great comments. At 16 months we moved her out of a cot, into a bed.

Louise at Bloggomy has 4 children and has shared some great tips on how to settle your baby to sleep and build a routine from day one.

Marilyn at tells us about the medicine that has transformed the bedtimes for her autistic son.

Hayley from Simply Hayley looks back on 4 years of broken sleep and is looking back on the lessons she learned about how to cope with sleepless nights in order to make educated decisions with baby number two.

Mother Badger at Badger Mad has blogged about the inner conflict she faces with the fact she feeds her baby to sleep late at night (and enjoys it) and yet she longs to have her evenings back.

Becky from My Baby Blog shares her experiences with baby sleeping bags and positioning a baby in a crib. Is is time to move her merman out of a crib?

In contrast, at The gingerbread house all of the books and recommended routines were abandoned but it doesn't seem to have done any harm.

At MummyCentral there are some times about how to regain control of your own sleep patterns after aving a child. But with a two-year old who has never slept through the night, things can be hard work.
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