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Sunday 20 March 2011

The Sunday Review – Aldi Mamia Disposable Nappies and Wipes

You'll know by now that we had some issues with the reusable nappies. They're not gone, just used a lot less, which means that we've really entered into the world of disposable nappies. Unlike most mums who use disposable nappies, I'm not brand loyal (seeing as I didn't use them from birth) and I'm more than willing to try out different brands.

Aldi asked me to try out their own brand of disposable nappies and wipes – Mamia Ultra Dry – on little Lara. When they arrived, I was sceptical because the nappies didn't have the same sort of feeling as the Pampers or Huggies I was used too – they felt a bit more papery on the inside, and a little waxy on the outside.

When using the nappies, I was really pleasantly surprised. I found them just as absorbent, and just as well-fitting as the Pampers Simply Dry nappy we often use – perhaps a little less flexible and less able to cope with the manic movement of a toddler than a more expensive styles in the Pampers/Huggies range. I found the designs on the nappy to be good fun – tiny little elephants and giraffes all over (and guess what, when I went to the Pampers factory last summer, I guffawed when they suggested that little things like this matter to mums... how wrong I was!)

I was so happy with the value for money of the Aldi Mamia Ultra Dry nappy (£4.99 for 42 size 5 nappies) that I decided to start investigating some of the other own-brand nappies available. I've tried a couple now and hated them both because they give Lara awful nappy rash – Aldi seem to have managed something with their own-brand nappy that the other supermarkets haven't.

The Mamia wipes were also pretty good. I didn't like the fragrance of the standard wipes (it reminded me of the disinfectant smell of public lavatories) but the sensitive wipes are unfragranced and therefore much more pleasant. The wipes have a good moisture level but I always find that baby wipes with a clip-top seal stay moist for longer than wipes like these that have a simple peel-back seal (plus they don't get covered in the goo at the bottom of the changing bag). Obviously I'd prefer it if they were paraben-free and biodegradable, but we can't have everything we want for 85p!
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