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Wednesday 31 August 2011

Lara makes... egg men!

I love the family time that I get to spend with Lara at the weekend (and on our thursday mornings) and I always try and find time to do something creative with her every weekend. Quite often it is cookery but occasionally we paint things or draw things together. Over the past couple of weekends Lara and I have been creating egg men! Little egg characters inspired by our friends at Fairy who encouraged me and Lara to invent some egg characters of our own.

Lara seemed to get really involved in the process, which was brilliant. One weekend we sat down together and painted our eggs (they aren't real eggs... not sure I'm brave enough to trust my manic 2-year-old with a real egg yet). It was messy but Lara knew EXACTLY what she wanted each egg to look like.

More recently, now the paint is dry, we have transformed our eggs into people using pieces of wool, glitter, foam and anything else from the house that we could lay our hands on. Once again, I've been really surprised at how engaged Lara was in the process. She normally has an attention span of about 20 seconds but when it came to creating her own little characters, Lara knew her own mind and even if she wasn't able to make what she wanted, she was able to ask me to do it for her. With Lara's guidance we have created the following egg men.

The Pirate

The Princess

The Baby

The Clowns

Our egg men are not quite the 'athletes' that I think Fairy had in mind when they sent Lara her egg-decorating kit.

Fairy gave us some bunting so that we could host out own egg-and-spoon race. Lara loved racing up and down the garden against mummy and daddy in her races. I suspect there may have been a little bit of cheating going on though!

Fairy are encouraging little ones to get out and become budding athletes in the run up to the olympic games. You can find out more about their fun activities on their facebook page.
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