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Sunday 28 August 2011

TumTum Toddler Tableware Review

Every so often, I come across a baby or children's brand that I simply can't fathom why I've never crossed their path before. TumTum is one such brand. Their products rock. Bright, functional and astonishingly high quality tableware, cutlery and travel products that toddlers (and parents) will find hard to resist.

Lara was lucky enough to receive a sample from their colourful range and from the very moment I opened the packaging Lara was hooked. Every single night since then Lara has insisted that we use her TumTum placemat and cutlery and I have even had to wash up her TumTum plate because nothing else would do.

The TumTum Tiny Dining Set (£14) comprises a plate and bowl. Both of them are made from firm BPA, phthalate & PVC free plastic. They really are two very good quality pieces that I know will stand the tests of time. They just FEEL good. And to top it off, the packaging is designed to be coloured in and re-used as a fun children's travel box after you have unpacked – genius!

The bowl has a picture of a cheeky mole inside it and the plate, which is a tear-drop shape, has a gorgeous little leafy hedgehog design. On the outside they are plain colours which look smart. We really like the plate because it has a high side which makes it easier for Lara, as a toddler, to use her spoon and fork effectively without catapulting food all over the table.

But, if she were to catapult her food, it wouldn't matter because our dining table is now protected by a TumTum placemat (£4). Lara's placemat is a piggy and she loves just staring that cheeky piggy in the eye!!! You can also buy the placemat in a frog or dog design. They are a really nice big size and have a wipe-clean top surface and a foamy backing which helps the mat to stay still on most surfaces.

Lara has also tried out the TumTum Tiny Beaker (£6) which is a shaped mug with a handle. The mug has a wide base to increase the likelihood that your child will manage to lay it flat on the table. It also comes with a lid and a straw (and a replacement straw) so that if your child isn't quite ready for a mug, or if you know they are in a mood where they will just throw liquid everywhere, you can prevent spillages. Once again, this just feels like a good quality product.

The final piece in the puzzle is the TumTum Tiny 3-Piece Travel Cutlery set (£12). A knife, fork and spoon designed for small hands that are still getting used to the idea of cutlery. The cutlery is actually designed to be effective (unlike some first cutlery sets). It comes with a hard plastic case so that you can take the cutlery out with you and not have to worry about bringing it home dirty in your changing bag. Lara really likes the mix-and-match design on the handles but I've found that the design has scratched easily (the packaging says they are dishwasher safe but I have my suspicions that this is what has scratched the design).

I am really very impressed by the toddler's tableware from TumTum and I'm really glad I've discovered them – their website even includes some fun colouring pages and children's cooking recipes. Find out more about TumTum (and some lovely competitions) on their facebook page.
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