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Tuesday 9 August 2011

Pixtrix Sticky Posters Now on Kidoo

This week, I'm proud to introduce a new sponsor for Mellow Mummy, Kidoo. is a family-focussed social buying site that launched this week with savings of family brands between 40 and 90%. One one of the opening deals you can find this week on Kidoo is with Pixtrix, an image printing company.

Pixtrix produce canvas prints and have some unique printing options such as mini-canvases and, my particular favourite, the sticky poster. Late last week I ordered a sticky poster from this image (a medley of some of my favourite pictures from MarksVegPlot aka Lara's Grandpa).

kidoo image

And no more than 48 hours later, this is the finished article. A really crystal clear image stuck to our living room wall!

pixtrix sticky poster

All I had to do was to upload the image to the pixtrix website (which, I found to be much easier than any photo purchase website I've ever used before) and then select the poster size I wanted. The pixtrix website gave me some guidance on the resolution and quality of my image and showed me where it would appear on the finished canvas. Every image ordered is also reviewed by real actual human people (!) and they will offer feedback to help you get the best results. I found the whole ordering process incredibly easy and the postage options at the end were clear (basic postage is FREE, yay!).

My only negative observation about the pixtrix site was that very few of the examples on the site seem to show REAL prints. It was hard for me to decide whether I wanted to use one of their pre-designed cartoon style frames as I couldn't really envisage what it would look like when printed and hanging on my wall. I opted to go for a really plain and simple design of my own instead.

My sticky poster is a 12 inch square that would ordinarily cost £14.10. The sticky posters can be printed all the way up to a massive 20 x 50 inch!!! The genius of the sticky poster is that you can peel it off and stick it somewhere else later. I placed my poster on the living room wall so that I could take the photo of it in daylight but it is going to move to its permanent home in Lara's bedroom tomorrow. Applying the sticky poster to the wall was dead easy because I knew that if I got it wrong then I could peel it off and try again.

Sticky posters are ideal for kid's rooms because you can move them and remove them frequently as their tastes change. They are also perfect for walls that you don't want to nail a picture hook into as the sticky backing is kind to most surfaces. I'm reliably informed that they also work in bathrooms for tiled walls.

The current deal for pixtrix images on Kidoo is to buy a £30 pixtrix voucher (valid for 3 months) for just £10 instead. Kidoo works by registering for your deal from them and then, once enough people sign up for the deal, you make your payment and receive your voucher. It's a simple model that means they can offer great savings if enough people are interested in a specific deal which is why they offer you the option to tweet and share the offer with your friends to try and increase the likelihood that the offer will 'tip'.

Uniquely, allows shoppers to interact with brands. So alongside time-sensitive deals there is the opportunity to chat with those brands and benefit from special promotions and more discounts directly from them, setting it apart from all other social ‘buying’ sites. Look out for loads of great new offers over the coming weeks on
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