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Saturday 27 August 2011

My @ThinkingSlimmer Journey - Week One - #Slimpod

I've heard a lot of buzz about ThinkingSlimmer over the past few months but wasn't sure if it was for me. I don't have an enormous amount of weight that I NEED to lose (but a lot i'd like to) but the thing I struggle with is willpower. I love food. I love wine. I work full time (in an office that supplies free ice cream). I'm a mum. I struggle to find the time for exercise. Lots of excuses.

I know I can lose weight if I put my mind to it because I have been down to pre-baby weight once already but then I settle back into the comfy zone and put it all back on again, plus some.

And so, I've agreed to try out the new 'Drop Two Jeans Sizes' Slimpod from ThinkingSlimmer to see if I can do just that.... drop 2 jeans sizes. If I can, then I will be back to my pre-baby clothes and closer to my pre-marriage size.

The Slimpod is a downloadable mp3 track which you listen to once a day just before you go to sleep. The gentle, encouraging words of the voice (aka Trevor) filter into your brain and the idea is that your subconscious will subtley start to change your habits after about 21 days. I'm expecting good things.

I downloaded my introduction and daily mp3 onto my ipod and started listening to my slimpod on Monday night. My initial reactions:-

  • Really pleasantly surprised at how non-eerie the voice was. I had been expecting it to be floaty and a bit silly but it wasn't. It didn't feel funny or stupid listening to it.

  • The recording quality wasn't as high as I'd expected, you can hear the faint buzz of feedback and some interesting background noises. There is also a really obvious edit half way through. The trouble is that I don't know if these are accidents or deliberate cognitive techniques.

OK. So now for the important bit. My starting stats.

Start Weight: 87.2kg (eek).

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