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Thursday 18 August 2011

Potty Training the Mellow Way - An Update

Last week we made the big decision to start taking potty training seriously. Regular readers may know that I first introduced Lara to the potty at about this time last year when she was 13 months old and that earlier this year we started getting some success on the potty. Lara is now 26 months old and we felt that we had reached a wall and although we both still had doubts about whether she really was ready to go for it, last weekend Mr. B. and I decided that on Monday morning we would take the plunge.

Potty training when your child goes to nursery full-time has its pros and cons. On the plus side, the nursery staff do take on a lot of the responsibility AND they do this a lot more often than we do so they know the tricks of the trade. On the otherhand, it does make it hard to find a routine and impose house rules. When we take Lara to nursery they ask that we take her in a nappy because they are too busy at drop-off time to be able to rush off for emergency loo visits. In the evenings, our approach to potty training may be totally different to that at nursery and I'm not sure how much of a problem that has been other than that Lara asks for stickers and chocolate at nursery as a reward, which she obviously doesn't get.

Anyway. Week one had its ups and downs. On Monday and Tuesday Lara had 2 accidents at nursery but we got through the evenings just fine. Wednesday and Thursday were pretty disasterous. Lara only spends half a day at nursery on a Thursday but she still managed to get through 6 changes of clothes! Friday was better.

The weekend was a bit tricky. We went to Legoland and decided not to risk it and put Lara in a nappy but in fact she was really good at asking to use the toilet. On Sunday she also did pretty well with about 3 accidents. I did try and take her out to the park without a nappy but regretted it after a puddle appeared in the car seat!

This week at nursery we have so far had two days with only 1 accident and one day with no accidents at all so things are definitely getting better.

I shall keep you updated.
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