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Sunday 14 August 2011

Stuck On You Name Labels and NameTags Review

You may think that Lara is a little young for me to have to worry about labeling all of her clothes for school but actually, I have found that name labels are really handy for nursery too. We quite often forget to search around the room for Lara's cardigans and hats when we leave nursery each evening so name tags make sense for us. We have tried out the personalised iron-on and stick-on name labels from Stuck On You.

Choosing the clothing labels I wanted was really easy. I just selected a style and colour of label (I chose some rectangular stick-on labels and some circular iron-on labels) and then added Lara's name to the design before choosing an icon to go alongside the name. There was an enormous range of icons to choose from with pictures for every taste.

name tags

Lara's stick-on labels have a little elephant design. They come with a firm peel-off backing that is easy to remove. You wrap them around the care label and press them into place. I've found them to stick really well. If you want to apply them directly to the fabric then you also have the option of ironing them on or sewing them on.

Lara's iron-on labels are bright pink with a butterfly design. The iron-on clothes labels come on a sheet. You remove one, place it onto the fabric and then, with a small piece of parchment between the label and iron, you iron them into place with a medium-hot iron. Slightly more effort than stick-on labels, I'll admit. But still, considerably easier than the days and days of sewing that I remember from my own childhood. I've found these labels to be really durable and I'm impressed at how they fuse to the fabric - the fact that the label isn't actually part of the fabric is almost imperceptible.

clothing labels

I'm really impressed with my Stuck On You labels and will definitely be back for more as Lara grows older.

Stuck On You don't just sell name and clothing labels. They also sell personalised bags, bag tags and pencils among other products. Stuck On You have a back-to-school sale on with savings of up to 35% which ends TOMORROW! You can follow them on twitter or join them on facebook.
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