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Sunday 25 September 2011

All About Alfie by Shirley Hughes - Book Review

Reading All About Alfie with Lara at bedtimes has brought back lots of memories. Recently, we'd borrowed a battered old Alfie book from the library which Lara had enjoyed so we knew that she'd love the brand new book, All About Alfie which was published earlier this month by Random house to celebrate 30 years of Alfie books by Shirley Hughes.

All About Alfie features a number of poems and two brand new Alfie stories. The hardback book makes a great bedtime story book because it has two stories of a decent length and plenty of illustrations of people that Lara can engage with and tell me about.

Lara's favourite story is “A Very Special Birthday” in which Alfie and his best friend go to visit Alfie's Great Grandma. They make a cake and a card to take with them and Great Grandma has lots of stories to share.

I think the thing that still appeals to me about the Alfie books after all these years is that they are so 'normal'. The stories are about an every day family doing every day things, with a little drama thrown in along the way – it makes the story that more familiar than many of Lara's story books about jungles and make-believe.

There are lots of activities, colouring sheets and other downloads available at

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