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Tuesday 13 September 2011

Angela Chalmers - Boots Parenting Club Pharmacist (and Mum!)

A little while ago I got the chance to interview Angela Chalmers, the Boots Parenting Club pharmacist.

I first met Angela at a Boots event at The Ritz when she was expecting her first child. Angela seemed excited about the prospect of becoming a mum and was eager to hear my tips and experiences.

Angela became a mum in December 2010 and I was interested to know how motherhood had changed her. Angela admitted that, as a pharmacist, her advice to parents had previously been at quite a high level - advice based on theory and current government guidance but with supporting information from friends and family who were parents. Having now experienced motherhood first hand, Angela feels that the advice she can offer as the Boots Parenting Club pharmacist has been enhanced. Angela feels she can offer more detail and support this with personal anecdote.

Being able to conduct a personalised conversation with customers gives people more confidence in Angela's advice when it comes to caring for babies and young children - people take her more seriously now that she has first-hand experiences to share.

When it comes to her own son, Angela still likes to ask others for advice on how to care for him. She thinks it is important for her to recognise that she doesn't know everything about caring for a baby and that it is easy to miss something. In order to remain objective, Angela refers to friends, family and the good ol' internet.

Angela describes her experience of motherhood as having proved that she is just another human being! By that she means that, like all new mums she hasn't had a lot of sleep and that when it comes to looking after a baby, she didn't get the reassurance she needed from a book or the internet. Being a pharmacist hasn't made her any different to any other new mums. Angela looked to her local children's centre or GP when she needed advice.

You can often find Angela contributing to live events on the Boots Parenting Club site.
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