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Monday 19 September 2011

New Term, New Car Seat?

Today was Lara's first day back at nursery after her holiday. We've just got back from a really lovely week in Herefordshire (about which, I promise to blog later in the week). While I love Lara to pieces, and have really really enjoyed spending an entire week with just the three of us together... I can tell you now that after a week with a toddler as cheeky and energetic as Lara, I was secretly looking forward to going back to work.

Lara went back to nursery for a new 'term' in a brand new car seat. It feels like the start of a new school year to me. New clothes, new car (well, its a month old now) and a new car seat. A whole new beginning. The new car seat is the Kiddy Guardian Pro 2 which I shall we reviewing in detail here on the blog, and on parentwheels this month.

Lara was not as eager to get back to nursery as I was to get back to work. There were tears. There was, in fact, a full-on tantrum which involved her refusing to leave the house. Resisting our attempts to strap her in to the car. And a whole lot of screaming.

We had received the Guardian Pro 2 a couple of days before going on holiday but we hadn't felt brave enough to take it with us without getting a little bit of practice in with it first. When we tried the Kiddy Energy Pro over 12 months ago, Lara hasn't much enjoyed being in it and to take a car seat on holiday that she might refuse seemed a bit of a gamble. As it is, since we have been back over the weekend we have used the Guardian Pro 2 a lot and she seems really happy in the new Kiddy seat. I put this down to her size. At 1 year old her arms didn't rest comfortably on the Kiddy impact shield. Now at 2 years old, she can rest her arms much more naturally on the iconic shield.

I'm glad we didn't take the new car seat on holiday... we had 3 vomit incidents while we were away. The old car seat definitely needs to be sidelined for a while. Or, at a minimum, disinfected!

It has taken both myself and Mr. B a couple of days to get used to strapping the Kiddy car seat in to place but now I think we've got the knack and it is taking hardly any time at all to get Lara strapped in. It's dead easy.

At the end of an exhausting first day back at work, we went to pick up Lara from nursery and, just as I had suspected, she was as unwilling to leave nursery as she had been to go in the morning! Typical.

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