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Sunday 18 September 2011

Matalan Children's Clothing Review

I will admit that before last month I had never set foot inside a Matalan store. For no other reason than that the only Matalan I know is situated in a rather awkward position in Reading which you really only get to if you're planning on buying a new sofa or a new car. Interestingly, last month I did indeed buy a new car and thus, found the perfect opportunity to pop into Matalan and see what I was missing.

I went armed with a £50 voucher that Matalan had sent me in order that I could properly see what all the fuss was about. I've always maintained that Lara will be the first person to benefit from the perks of the blog so I took her on a shopping trip to buy children's clothing. I've written down the list of clothes that we bought because I still now struggle to get my head around quite how much we came away with for that £50.

  • 2 nightdresses

  • 2 pairs of pyjamas

  • A knitted dress with belt

  • Two pairs of jogging bottoms

  • A pair of leggings

  • A packet of underwear

  • A Peppa Pig baseball cap

  • A set of Peppa Pig knitted scarf, hat and gloves

  • A big Peppa Pig ball... OK, so this one isn't clothing!

matalan childrens clothing

Matalan seemed to have a very nice selection of baby clothes and a VAST array of older children's clothes (including a good value range of school wear) but it seemed a bit lacking for children of 2/3 years old. Hence the ball.

matalan childrens clothing

I won't pretend that I was impressed by the quality of all the clothes but it did meet my expectations given the incredible prices. Lara's knitted dress is a higher quality item and came with a groovy belt. It was the most expensive item we bought at £11 but only once I got it home did I notice it was missing a button. Doh. Oh well, it still looks cool.

The nightwear we bought was really good value for money and I've really struggled this season to find any nighties anywhere for Lara. At Matalan I was spoilt for choice, nightie-wise.

I had a good browse of the children's toys while we were in Matalan and was really surprised at how many branded products and well-known children's characters there were. Lara was in Peppa Pig heaven!

There is a full, impressive range of children's clothing available on the Matalan website too with many great combos and special offers. Lots of the character clothing can be found online with favourites such as Cars, Ben 10, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Thomas the Tank Engine and Winnie the Pooh.
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