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Sunday 25 September 2011

Scoot n Pull Review

Lara got her first scooter earlier in the year and I admit that she still struggles with it... at two year's old she is really eager to get 'scooterling' but every time we take the scooter out with us, the enthusiasm lasts for about 5-10 minutes before she decides it all requires a bit too much co-ordination and asks for us to push her or carry her. I'm now so glad that we have got a Scoot n Pull to make my life easier.

The Scoot 'n' Pull is a small strap harness that you attach to the upright bar of the scooter to pull it along. For me, it is a great way of encouraging Lara to use the scooter and to gain confidence and balance as I can pull her slowly along on it. As she gets older, it will help me to keep her close to me when we go for walks, or when using the scooter on the pavement. When Lara is tired or loses interest, we can pull her while she holds on.

When your child totally loses interest (or perhaps when you've dropped them off at school) and you need to carry the scooter, the Scoot 'n' Pull turns into a harness. We fasten ours over the back wheel and then you can wear the scooter over your shoulder.

I found the shoulder strap a bit tight and a little precarious (I keep having to check and convince myself that it is well fastened) but it certainly does help. At just £6.99 I think it is a no-brainer to invest in one of these when you buy a scooter. You can buy the Scoot 'n' Pull is several different colours from their website.

And, if you don't own a scooter then you could, like Lara, use it as a belt!!!

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