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Thursday 8 September 2011

How I Convinced My Toddler to Brush Her Teeth!

Do you remember this? Over 15 months ago I blogged about how stressful it was trying to get Lara to brush her teeth and just a few weeks ago I was ready to blog all over again. Surely when you brush your teeth twice a day you get used to it???

Until last month Lara was a TOTAL NIGHTMARE when it came to toothbrushing time. One evening in July Lara screamed and kicked so violently that between us, we couldn't hold Lara still and she squirmed free. Lara turned to flee and ran head-first into the door-frame, knocking herself over on the cold, hard bathroom floor. She was livid and in pain and right then I knew we had to do something about the toothbrushing issue.

The following morning I received a beautifully timed email from the people who represent the new Arm & Hammer My Way Kids Spinbrush. Even though the Kids Spinbrush is designed for children from 3 years upwards, I was desperate for a toothbrushing solution, so we agreed to review it on the blog.

Now you'll notice that this blog post isn't worded or presented like my normal blog reviews. That is because Lara only used the toothbrush for 48 hours so I can't really claim to have reviewed it. However, it did solve our problem and Lara now brushes her teeth beautifully for me each morning and evening. Here's how it worked!

The Arm & Hammer My Way Kids Spinbrush is a battery-operated electric toothbrush. You use it for three months and then throw it away. The genius of the My Way Spinbrush is that the comes as a blank canvas. You can get it with either a pink or a blue base but the main body of the toothbrush is plain white. It comes with a set of around 140 different stickers so that your child can personalise it. There are stickers in all sorts of different styles to suit all tastes.

Lara and I decorated her toothbrush on the very first day it arrived. She went for a very simple puppy dog on one side and a rainbow on the other. I managed to convince her that she wanted to add a few more stickers so I added her name too. That evening she seemed eager to use her new toothbrush and once she worked out that the groovy purple gem on the front turned it on and off, she seemed to take to it well. I was surprised at how happy she seemed with such a big change from her traditional toothbrush.

The next day, Lara couldn't wait to brush her teeth before bed. She was doing so well - toothbrushing without the tears and screams. Unfortunately, she accidentally brushed the back of her gums too hard with the electric toothbrush and it freaked her out. From that day forward, Lara has refused her electric toothbrush.

That's not to say that I'm not grateful for the chance to try out the My Way Spinbrush though. No way. Lara has now been using her traditional children's toothbrush every day with no qualms whatsoever. She is happy to brush her teeth and actually brushes rather than chews. So I'm glad that I tried her on an electric brush and I'm extra glad that I didn't fork out for a rechargeable toothbrush.

The Arm & Hammer My Way Spinbrush costs £5.99 and is available from Boots, Superdrug, Tesco, Sainsburys, Morrisons and ASDA.
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