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Sunday 4 September 2011

Organic Monkey Cheek Rub Oil For Teething Review

It's funny, people often talk about teething remedies for tiny babies but I've actually found the toddler teeth harder as a mum and so, even though Lara is well over 2, I'm still looking at teething remedies such as the Cheeky Money Cheek Rub from Organic Monkey.

Twice since her second birthday Lara has cut a new tooth. I believe that the past fortnight's current bout of teething is for her final baby tooth. Phew. Toddler teething has been nightmarish with a total change of mood and a grumpy toddler who is now able to express her pain and discomfort. We haven't been able to use the amber necklace for some time (Lara isn't allowed to wear it to nursery), and Lara just chomps my fingers if I attempt to apply any sort of chemical gel to her gums. And so, I was really grateful to get the opportunity to try Organic Monkey's blend of organic and fairtrade natural ingredients with essential oils as a natural form of teething relief.

The oil doesn't smell enormously strong so it isn't off-putting for tiny children. There is no one distinct ingredient that I can identify in the oil but I guess that the Chamomile is the strongest scent. Other ingredients include lavender and spearmint oils blended with arnica, sweet almond, olive and sunflower oils, all of which are 100% organic. The blend of ingredients is designed to help relieve pain.

Unlike a chemical gel, you apply the oil to the outside of the cheek so that it is not ingested. As such, your child doesn't get such an immediate sense of relief or numbing of pain. However, I do think that you get a good level of relief for an all-natural product. Over the past couple of weeks of us using the cheek rub, Lara has not yet had a restless night. This is a first. Every single other bout of teething since she was born has resulted in nights where she has woken either hourly or bi-hourly screaming.

Within about half an hour of applying the cheek rub, there is a noticeable reduction in the redness of Lara's cheeks. I'm much happier using the Organic Monkey cheek rub oil on Lara than some of the big name gels and I just wish I'd had a chance to compare its effect on very early baby teeth too.

‘Cheeky Monkey’ Organic Cheek Rub Oil for Teething comes in a really smart glass bottle and costs £7.50. It is available from Organic Monkey along with their other gorgeous organic and fairtrade products such as scalp oil, massage balm and nappy balm.

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