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Sunday 20 November 2011

Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom Magical Light and Sound Tri Scooter Review

ben and holly scooter
We were kindly sent a Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom Magical Light and Sounds Tri Scooter to review by Entertainment One. Lara is a massive Ben and Holly fan and this brightly coloured scooter (designed for pre-schoolers from 3 years) is the stuff of dreams for Lara.

Described as a "Magical tri-scooter featuring lights and sounds from the show activated by Holly's magic wand! Includes fun character plaque and graphics", I had high expectations.

I was disappointed that the scooter came in so many different pieces that needed to be assembled - after over half an hour with Lara constantly pestering, and several arguments with Mr. B, we managed to assemble it using our own tools (we gave up on the tools provided); I was thankful we hadn't had to undergo that pressure on Christmas Day!

The scooter is quite sturdy to use and is ideal for younger children as the tyres can't puncture and the scooter has two wheels at the back to keep it stable. You can adjust the handlebars to the height of your child.

We felt that the quality of the stickers on the scooter was poor; some were peeling and the main graphics on the front panel were blistered.

We thankfully managed to find a batteries for both the scooter and the separate wand (that I am convinced Lara will lose in the very near future). The battery for the wand isn't a size we would normally have in the house. When Lara presses the button on the wand, the lights and sound on the scooter activate. A series of red lights flash and Holly says a few magical words. The instructions say that you have to be within 1m for it to activate but we've found that Lara needs to hold the wand within about 15cm.

The quality of the sound could be better and I would have hoped the lights and sound to still work when Lara does (eventually) lose or destroy the magic wand... they won't, which means that at this point, the lights and sounds become unusable. To try and prevent this you can store the magic wand in it's holder at the front of the scooter.

Despite all this, I still think that the Ben & Holly scooter brings Lara smiles when she is using it and, at nearly half the price of a micro-scooter it is a cheaper option for a pre-schooler scooter. The quality issues I've found with it mean I don't think it is great value for money but it will bring smiles to many little girls this Christmas.

The Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom Magical Light and Sound Tri Scooter costs around £39.99.

Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom products are available at all good retailers. Find out more about Ben and Holly's little kingdom on the official facebook page.

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