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Tuesday 1 November 2011

My Family Holiday Essentials

We have taken a few UK trips this year with our toddler Lara and we are planning at least one more trip this year in the run-up to Christmas. There are a few things I have learned about traveling with a toddler that are different to going on holiday with a baby.

When Lara was 1, I wrote a list of travel essentials for when traveling with babies so I've decided to update my list with a few bits and bobs I can't live without now I have a toddler instead.

  1. Dream Tubes
    I featured the Dream Tubes on mellow mummy some time ago and they have really come into their own now. When we are staying away from home we ALWAYS pack them in our suitcase as hotel beds can be very high off the ground for a toddler. The Dream Tubes take up hardly any space in our suitcase and take only a few minutes to inflate; they provide us with peace of mind when Lara is sleeping in a bed that is not her own. You can buy a set for about £40 on Amazon

  2. Booster Seat
    Earlier this year I featured some essentials for eating out with babies and toddlers and established that a travel booster seat makes eating out a lot easier than trying to squeeze into a highchair or cope with a toddler who can barely see over the edge of the table. We take our booster seat everywhere.

  3. Ipod Apps
    OK, so maybe Lara is a bit spoiled to be allowed to use my Ipod but on the last two trips we have made, I have been thankful for the Ipod and the apps I have downloaded for her to play with. Most recently, Lara stayed in the same hotel room as us which is tricky at bedtime when we want to watch TV and we want her to chill out - being unable to take enough bedtime story books to last the full holiday, I also took the IPod and each evening she would wind down with her favourite apps and when she was ready, she simply switched it off and tucked herself into bed!

  4. Backpack
    I guess this one kinda depends on what kind of holiday or trip you are planning. On our recent trip to Hereford we couldn't have done without it. A toddler who is old enough to walk but too young to cope with long distances or steep hills really benefits from a baby/toddler carrier. You can see our video of the Kiddy Adventure Pack and see what we made of it but I think its perfect for trips where a buggy isn't appropriate.

  5. Shampoo / Body Wash
    For some people this might not be an essential but we always choose to take our own on holiday because of Lara's sensitive skin. On the few occasions when we have either forgotten, or else decided to save the suitcase space and used the stuff that the hotel provides, Lara's skin has really suffered.

  6. Bibs
    Lara still wears a bib to eat and most pelican bibs are too bulky to pack enough. Our bibs are by Bibetta and we discovered them soon after Lara started weaning. They are so compact that I can fill the suitcase full of them!

  7. Crayons and Paper
    Ideal for whiling away the boring bits between the fun bits! Some of Lara's best masterpieces have been scrawled while waiting for our evening's entertainment.

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