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Thursday 10 November 2011

Lessons in Christmas Present Resistance

At the weekend we took Lara to Toys R Us for the first time since she was a tiny baby. It was an impromptu visit (we were supposed to be looking for a comfy chair for the nursery) but Mr B. and I decided it might be a good idea to take Lara into a toy shop so that she could give us some ideas of what she might like to put on her Christmas list.

The look on Lara's face as she browsed the shelves was heart-melting. An enormous smile spread from one cheek to another and her eyes were WIDE open. After she had got over the age-old toddler trick of pointing out all of the things she already owned (!), Lara really got into her stride. Rushing from one side of the aisle to the other, grabbing things from the shelves to take a better look.

Lara was remarkably well behaved. I think she was a tad overhwelmed to see so many exciting toys all in once place but never once did she beg me to buy something. At one point she did try to insert 'Gator Golf' into my hands but she seemed satisfied when I explained that she could write a letter to Father Christmas to ask for the game.

Now, because Lara had never experienced Toys R Us before she didn't know any better when we finally left empty-handed. Perhaps all toy-shopping experiences should be like this? In fact, in a world where mummy does almost all of her shopping online, I could 'probably' get away with empty-handed toy store shopping for quite some time, couldn't I?.

Are you able to resist the temptation to buy presents when you see your child's face light up?
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