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Sunday 6 November 2011

Fisher Price Little People Animal Sounds Farm Review

fisher price little people farm
There are very few toys that are as universally popular among toddlers as a play farm. Fisher Price sent Lara one of their Fisher Price Little People Animal Sounds Farm to review.

I shall admit that, given Lara's cousin, grandparents and nursery all own an ELC Happyland farm, I found it hard NOT to make a direct comparison with the ELC equivalent. My initial reaction what that the Fisher Price Little People Farm was a lot more impressive in size, colour and quality (although it did seem a shame that it was so clearly modeled after an american Barn).

fisher price little people farm

The Fisher Price farm didn't need any assembling (phew) but it does require batteries if you want the animal sounds. The farm makes different noises when you open various gates and doors on the farm. Perhaps the most entertaining element of the toy is the sliding chicken who makes a clucking noise as it innocently pushes the other animals and the farmer himself out of the window and down the roof!!!

fisher price little people farm

Lara enjoys putting all of the animals in through the top of the tower and then opening the door at the bottom to retrieve them. In fact, Lara likes filling the tower with anything she can get her hands on. Crayons, cars, her slippers!

Every part of the product feels like it will withstand toddlerhood (it is designed for children from 1-5 years) - it is certainly a better-made piece of kit than the Happyland product. I would say that I find the noises and interactions with the toy a little disappointing and sometimes the interactive parts perplex me - I struggle to see the entertainment value in pushing the farmer out of the window or bouncing the sheep on the hay bale but I suppose it doesn't really matter what I think does it? Lara seems to enjoy all of the interactive parts and she certainly seems to like the toy animals.

The Fisher Price Little People animals and farmer are great fun to play with in or out of the farm. They are big bold and chunky characters who really encourage Lara to role play. Lara owns a Little People DVD that she got free from a magazine or event some time in the distant past and, once she has watched it, she likes to play pretend games with farmer Jed to simulate what she has just watched! Cute.

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