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Sunday 13 November 2011

Handpicked Collection Wooden Toy Review

handpicked collection wooden toys
I am a catalogue addict. I admit it. I love browsing Christmas catalogues and when the Handpicked Collection Christmas catalogue plopped through my letterbox, I spent hours turning the corners over for all my Christmas gift ideas. the Handpicked Collection sent Lara a Hammer & Balls lorry to give us an idea of the quality of their gifts - it worked because I have since been back and ordered 3 other Christmas pressies for family members.

The Hammer and Balls Lorry is a wonderful wooden toy suitable for ages 2 upwards. I think it would probably be fine for younger children except for the fact that it does take quite some effort to hammer the balls through into the lorry - hence lara's rather strange hammering action in the photo above!

As with many wooden toys, the quality and finish is fantastic and it is the toy's simplicity that makes it so appealing. At present, the wooden lorry from the Handpicked Collection is one of the first toys that Lara likes to show off to guests (the other is the Innotab which makes for a fascinating combination of simple/advanced traditional/modern). The toys is completely made from wood apart from the little rubber rings around the holes that you hammer the balls into.

As you hammer the balls down into the body of the lorry they collect and then, when the lorry pulls away, the weight of the balls opens the back door and they all roll out onto the floor (causing much hilarity... time after time!). Lara quite likes to play with the lorry on her car mat as it has fully functioning wheels.

Once again, as with other wooden toys we own, I have found the number of hours of play from this one item to totally justify its cost. The Hammer & Balls lorry costs £19.95 from The Handpicked Collection
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