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Wednesday 30 November 2011

Lara is officially ready for Christmas!

That's it... Lara is now properly excited about Christmas. Every morning on the way to nursery she tells me, "it's nearly Christmas" and it makes me smile.

We've put up Lara's advent calendar ready for the 1st December and we've already pulled one or two crackers (much to Lara's delight) and, as you know Lara and I have been practising one or two Christmas recipes for our annual Christmas Party.

Poundstretcher have a really wide range of incredible value stocking fillers and Christmas decorations and they sent Lara a few goodies to try out. Our local Woolworths died but was reborn late this year as a Poundstretcher and I'm actually really impressed with the range (much more so than I was with Woolworths!)

This children's father christmas apron was an inspired choice for Lara, my little cook. This weekend Lara Christmas will be helping me trial a snowball cupcake recipe and gingerbread biscuits.

Lara's Peppa Pig advent calendar and mini children's crackers also came from Poundstretcher. The calendar is just as good as any you would find anywhere else and the crackers make a cute addition to a kid's stocking (I wouldn't put one on the dinner table though as they don't have hats in them!).

If you are looking for wrapping paper, decorations, confectionary or stocking fillers over the next few weeks you could do worse than pop into Poundstretcher to see how far your budget could take you.
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