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Saturday 5 November 2011

Pregnancy Blog :: Week 15

This week I felt the very first little wiggles from inside. Almost every evening since Wednesday I've been able to feel those telltale little 'butterflies' of movement. At one point I even exclaimed "ooh" and Mr. B. gave me a funny look.

The bump is now starting to show and an otherwise lovely lady from work remarked on how huge it was for just 15 weeks. Thanks.

Lara is very slowly beginning to get her head around the talk of a baby. She has gone from totally blanking me when I suggest that there is a baby growing in my tummy to now shouting "hello" into my naval and saying she can hear it crying!

I'm beginning to notice the exhaustion kicking in but my body seems to save it all up for the weekend. It's really annoying because I like spending my weekends with Lara and at present I'm so tired that I end up taking naps in the afternoon at the weekends. During the working week though I seem fine - it just doesn't seem fair that my colleagues get my quality time.

This coming week I have my first appointment with my consultant - a totally new experience for me. I have been referred for consultant-lead care this time due to my complex delivery last time and due to the unpleasant lasting side effects that child birth has left me with (the details of which I'm sure you don't want to know... especially if you've never given birth before).
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