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Sunday 1 January 2012

Bobux i-Walk Nubuck Desert Boot Review

bobux nubuck desert boot review

Guest reviewer Matthew (1.5 years) and his mummy Diane have been reviewing the exceptional baby and toddler shoes, specifically the i-Walk Nubuck Desert Boot, from Bobux.

Bobux shoes are a New Zealand brand whose focus on eco-friendly processes and materials makes them particularly appealing to Mellow Mummy. Bobux make soft sole first shoes, pre-walker shoes and the i-Walk range for new walkers upto 24 months such as Matthew. This is what Diane thought of the Bobux i-Walk Nubuck Desert Boot...

bobux i-Walk review

The sole is nicely flexible; Matthew had no problem walking confidently within a few paces, and then easily running and climbing within a few minutes. The boots are much lighter than you expect and are not bulky at all - Matthew tends to get a bit caught up in his old shoes sometimes when trying to climb but has not found this an issue with the Bobux boots; getting up and down and even crawling without difficulty.

The Desert boots have good ankle support; they are sturdy but well shaped and extremely soft and smooth around the ankle. We have tried on boots in the past and have been disappointed that this part of the boot is too rigid, almost cutting into the ankle.

The boots are very easy to put on, the opening expands more than enough, we have not had any struggles getting them on and the fastening strap is very secure with plenty of room for adjustment. If Matthew were a liitle older he would master putting the boots on himself quickly.

Although flexible, the sole is reasonably thick so it is up to the challenge of fairly wet weather conditions (walking through wet leaves etc.) before the nubuck is soaked through, although I must admit I would switch to trusted wellies for walks in anything more than light rain.

You can see that the boots are very well made, the stitching and finish are high quality.

bobux shoes review

I really like the way they look, fit and how Matthew walks in them so would buy Bobux shoes again. Matthew also loves them and is keen to show them off to anyone that is interested! He even enjoys playing with the little cloth bag that that the boots are delivered in and uses it to carry bricks and other toys around the house in.

The only remotely negative points are that as with any internet shoe shopping, you need to be confident that you have chosen the right size, and in some cases style to suit your childs feet. There are less expensive childrens shoes available, however they do not neccessarily offer the same quality as Bobux.

You can find Bobux on facebook and on twitter.

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