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Saturday 14 January 2012

Pregnancy Blog :: Week 25

This week I had my one (and as far as I can see) only maternity check-up with the G.P. My G.P. is always very positive (this is generally a good thing) and put me in good spirits - he seemed very critical about the Midwives' notes in my records but from past experience this doesn't enormously surprise me.

My bump was measured and was approximately 25cm which is spot on for 25 weeks. Theoretically your bump grows 1cm each week from now on but it's all a bit approximate. The doctor tried to take the baby's heart beat but it was once again so wiggly that he couldn't pintpoint the heartbeat for long enough to take a reading. This is one properly active baby. Several times this week I've felt baby kick so hard it has bumped my belly against the desk at work!

Tommy's Having a healthy pregnancy guide

This coming week Tommy's are launching their new FREE guide for pregnant or expectant women called "Having a Healthy Pregnancy". This is by far the best guide to pregnancy I have seen so far - modern and up to date it is packed full of information without being dull. I particularly like the chapters on health issues during pregnancy which are honest yet not preachy and provide ideas for realistic ways you can get on top of things. Inside the Heaving a Healthy Pregnancy guide you will find:-

  • A detailed pregnancy calendar
  • Chapters on diet, weight, exercise, smoking, mental health and drugs and alcohol
  • Antenatal care – from finding a midwife to what happens during your antenatal appointments, as well as what your notes mean
  • Preparing for birth – writing a birth plan, packing your bag for hospital and pain relief options
  • Labour and birth – what to expect

You can order your copy for free at

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