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Saturday 28 January 2012

Pregnancy Blog :: Week 27

Ug, what a week.

I have come to the conclusion that pregnancy has this time turned me into a miserable witch. Everyone annoys me. Yes, including Lara and Mr. B. I find myself getting fed up of people and their ridiculousness all of the time and have had to apologise several times this week for being so abrupt and offensive.

I have also got back ache for the first time in this pregnancy. I think it is a lot later in the pregnancy than last time, but even so, its a bit depressing to know that I have 13 more weeks of this to go. At least I received lots of useful tips at a gathering of chiropractor type people last weekend!

In better news, I received my maternity NHS prescription exemption certificate this week. I was really surprised that neither my midwife nor my doctor mentioned it to me - I had to ask them about it and when I did, they took about 15 minutes to find the form. If you're pregnant GO AND GET YOUR MATERNITY EXEMPTION APPLICATION FROM FROM YOUR GP! trust me, after the birth you will be grateful not to have to pay for prescriptions for 12 months. By my reckonings, this one tiny little plastic card saved me about £125 in prescription fees last time around.

Finally, I attempted a trip this week I was actually quite worried about - an afternoon in London with Lara, the buggy and a bump. It was a bit of a rushed visit which was due to end with a train journey out of Waterloo at rush hour. Actually, Lara was heavenly (compared to normal) and so it was no where near as horrific as I had imagined (thanks partly to the fact that I've learned the buggy-friendly routes through central London). We even managed the tube together for the first time. I was shattered afterwards though.
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