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Saturday 7 January 2012

Pregnancy Blog :: Week 24

Today has been a very mellow day (which explains why my regular pregnancy blog post is so late... apologies!). A facial, a leisurely drive into deepest Berkshire and then a cheeky nap. Pregnancy rocks.

This week I have been back at work after the Christmas holidays. It didn't come as so much of a shock as I had anticipated and I seem to have got back into the routine quickly. Work is busy as ever but at this stage in my pregnancy I feel like I can take anything on. I multi-task as no-one has ever multi-tasked before! In fact, I feel so capable, so on-top of things that I decided to launch my third blog this week - Family Tech - hopefully I can maintain the energy that I have for it even after baby arrives.

I have started to think about furnishing the nursery. This week I managed to secure a second hand glider chair from twitter (realistically there was no way I was going to afford a new one) and I have lifted out the moses basket from the loft (OK, so Mr. B did the actual lifting... I did the thinking). I'm still on the lookout for lots of storage and a table so I have subscribed to my local freecycle group and will pounce when anything appropriate comes up. During my first pregnancy I managed to furnish the entire nursery and clothe Lara for 3 months through quality seconds from freecycle!

My bump has grown significantly again. I know this because I mis-judged it when trying to close the car boot and caught my belly. Eeek. I am also just starting to feel a little uncomfortable in bed. I've lifted out my support pillow but it seems a bit like overkill right now. My growing bump means that I really need to start looking for some genuine maternity tops rather than just wearing the baggiest and saggiest of my existing clothes.
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